The Cost of Building a New Custom Home


A common question we get asked as builders is how much does it cost to build a custom home?
The short answer, it depends!

Costs vary depending on a number of factors. Some of the key differences is the size of the build, the quality and the finishes that go into a new home.
We always recommend the client first create a budget. Put together a wish list of what you want in your new home considering aesthetic and functionality needs, pick out as much as you can before you start.
We take a look at your budget, wish list/ design plans and come up with an estimate of what can be done from the budget the client has provided.


We work with our clients to balance high quality and their budget, we want to do a job we are proud of as well as giving the client what they need within their budget.

Many builders will do a build cost plus, which can lead to higher prices for owners. The more costs associated with your project the more “plus” can be charged by the contractor, thus creating little incentive to keep the costs down.

At Ruetz Contracting we use the fixed cost method, once the plans are finalized and the contract is signed we will give the client the price of their new build plus an allowance for finishes such as cabinetry, fixtures etc.
The price will ONLY change if the client has decided to add more along the way such as square footage or deciding to move walls. Before any change is made we give a change order the client must approve that details the costs.


Keep in mind the cheapest builder isn’t always the best. There’s often a reason that contractor is coming in low, and it’s typically because they have not accounted for every cost, sacrificed deadlines, or cut corners on the quality.
When you walk into a home that is well-built with quality craftsmanship you can tell the difference.

When choosing a contractor ask yourself these questions:

- Do I like this builder?
- Can this builder work within my budget?
- Do I trust this builder?
- Am I connecting well with this builder?
- Can this builder give me a list of previous clients?
- Will this builder service me after the project is done?
- How quick does the builder respond back to my questions/emails?
- Can this builder answer all of my questions?

We understand that a new build can be a long and sometimes frustrating experience, it’s our job to make sure you are comfortable and aware through every step of the process using our expertise to make your build run as smoothly as possible.